Bronze Arts - Age of Bronze

The bronze arts are a clearly-defined spectrum within the world of art. For example, bronze sculptures can be found throughout the world in public and corporate settings as well as private collections. Bronze sculptors know that virtually any space can be brought together by site-specific pieces that capture and utilize the theme of the entire area, presenting it to viewers with an ease that is both visually stunning and thought-provoking. Even at a glance, the interaction with these great works of art will allow all who look upon them to understand the connotation behind the piece.

bronze art sculptures in public sphereIn a typical city landscape, many corporate and public areas have included a prominent work of art on the property in order to represent and define the characteristics of the organization or space. These bronze art pieces may be something abstract, a symbol of an idea or an emotion, or the piece may also be a direct representation of people or objects that showcase the organization – such as the founder of the organization or a historic figure. Typically, bronze is chosen because it is a material that has the ability to express a unique sense of prestige that is only enhanced by passing time. With a maintenance program, bronze sculptures are able to age with elegance and withstand the harsh elements, allowing people to enjoy the art piece timelessly. Bronze sculptures are always a solid investment that will become a landmark on their own as time passes.


installation of bronze arts within private homes

Perhaps this is exactly why bronze is also used for personal commissions as well. Bronze artists often receive requests to create custom artwork for installation in homes or private gardens.

For those who are seeking to purchase or commission works from the bronze arts, the first step is to contact a knowledgeable professional in the community. Internationally acclaimed Canadian bronze artist Brett Davis is located in Toronto, Ontario and has created custom art for clients all over the word, including North America, Europe and Asia. Learn more about the bronze arts and a master of this discipline by visiting